Volunteer Photography Exhibition | Opening 10 September

The Cafe Exhibition

Opening Night – Friday 10 September at 6pm-7pm (free to attend)
Exhibition run: 11 September – 28 September
Open Monday to Sunday – 9.30am-3pm

Join us for the opening night followed by live music from Soul Cafe | Free to attend | No booking necessary

This September we are launching our Volunteer Photography exhibition, displaying some of the photos taken by our Volunteer Photographers of events that have taken place at Poplar Union over the last 3 years.

These photos capture the essence of what we do at Poplar Union and showcase the diverse programme of events we put on for our community. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Once the exhibition has finished, the photos will be displayed in the Cafe toilets as a permanent display.

The Photographers

Marina Buraga

Marina’s passion for photography started after she was gifted a beginner’s camera as a present. She loved learning all the different settings and tricks you can do to really show the atmosphere and the moment in time. She loved taking photos of friends and family at events and at home so regularly that it became the norm and the expectation. She captures the mood and emotions of people when they are in their own element and not aware of the camera. It never gets boring, and it always gives her joy to be able to perfectly freeze a moment in time.

Shakti Gomez

Before moving back to Spain during the pandemic, Shakti was one of Poplar Union’s most valued members of front of house staff. She had a knack for making fast friends with our audiences and visitors and, as you’ll see, had a brilliant eye for photographing our events!

Mark Muldoon

With a lifelong interest in attempting to take great photos, in 2015 Mark got a half-decent camera and started trying to take photos that looked a bit more professional. As well as live music, he has spent a lot of time photographing the Middle East, architecture, street art, restaurants, music festivals and London nightlife. He’s had photography published by The Guardian and Time Out, amongst others. Instagram: @muldooon

Pedro Gomes

Pedro Gomes is a Portuguese designer and illustrator. He graduated from Camberwell College of Arts with an MA in Illustration and is currently an Art Editor at Guerncia Magazine. He is immensely inspired by photography and enjoys exploring it in his practice.

Zsuzsanna Tarnai

Zsuzsanna is a professional photographer specialising in women’s portraiture and boudoir photography. Her photography is all about empowerment, self-confidence and self-love.
In her free time, she does as much volunteering as she can to gain more photography skills and to give back to her community. She loves capturing the moments at Poplar Union’s events, always meeting and welcoming amazing people!