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POP-Park Sessions: Soul Cafe with Jidé Kuti | Miriam | Jordon O

The second Friday of the month sees another night of music from Jordon O’s Soul Cafe. So join us for a night of acoustic soul and pop in the cafe.

Friday gigs are free to attend and we will be running our theatre bar to keep you refreshed!

Line up

Jidé Kuti

Jide Kuti

Jidé is a singer-songwriter based in London who has spent years refining his quirky pop/soul sound into something that represents him both as an artist and person. This consists of quirky lyricism, a combination of honest, soulful and charismatic vocals, catchy melodies and an inexplicable je ne sais quoi developed through 8 years of performing and writing music. He is currently working on his debut EP “The Open EP” which will be releasing in late 2021 which he describes as the culmination of his heart’s deepest desire.

IG: @JideKutiMusic
FB: JideKutiMusic


A singer-songwriter and musician, Miriam is known for her mellow, high tones, steeped in gospel, with a jazzy edge. She has been singing and performing all her life and lives for what she loves. Music.

Social Media Links:
IG: @Mims.97

Jordan O

Our host for the Soul Cafe, Jordan O (pictured above), is a singer-songwriter from East London. Part of the Spotlight Sounds community, he is influenced by John Legend, Ed Sheehan, Lauryn Hill and Sean C Johnson, combining authentic, heartfelt lyrics with soulful melodies that are soothing and relatable. He writes with the aim to share a message that makes people feel loved and cherished.

IG: jordanomusic
Facebook: Jordanomusic1