Open Call!

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We would like to invite you to submit a small observation of something which is bringing you a little bit of happiness during these lockdown days. It might be something which happens at home, out the window, or in your local area. A small detail which has meaning to you and lifts your spirits. It could be the click of your kettle in the morning, the smell of your shampoo, the postman’s whistle: a tiny moment which brings you joy. The more personal it can be the better – we’re interested in things which are specific to you.” Ben See & Esmeralda Conde Ruiz

In order to participate in the BRIGHT COPPER KETTLES project please follow one (or more) of these steps:

– Write down your observation. It doesn’t need to be more than a few words. A short description is all we need.
– Take a photo of your observation. This can be done from your mobile phone, and it doesn’t need to be anything high-resolution.
– Make a sound recording of your observation. Again, this can be done from your mobile phone, and it doesn’t need to be hi-tech.

Feel free to do all three steps if you feel inclined, but your observation might lend itself more naturally to one or two of these options.

Send your submission to: by 12pm on Monday 2 November

After the submission period is closed, we will collate all of the entries to create a new work of art. We will create a musical composition and accompanying video using all of your entries as inspiration and source material. The work will be a celebration of you, and something for you to take comfort in, and will be included as part of the Poplar Union Digital Arts Festival.

Thank you for submissions and we can’t wait to share some of your small moments of magic.

Live in the Library Online

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Calling all budding singers & songwriters!

Every Friday night, we host a live stream via our IGTV. If you want the chance to perform, simply send us a video or link to your music and our Music Programmer will be in touch.

Please send to with the subject ‘Live in the Library Submission.’