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A Meggaball® session is a party…
It’s a full-body workout on a Swiss ball to a pulsating Caribbean Latin Reggae beat. You will wobble, but we guarantee you will have fun!
Leave your worries at the door and get lost in the moves and the pulsating beat. Finish with a tough, workout induced, feel-good endorphin rush.
Why A Workout On A Stability Ball?
· It’s Safe
The Swiss ball is a tried and tested piece of equipment used by physiotherapists since the 1960s.
· It Works Your Core.
If you sit on a stability ball it takes the weight off the lower body giving support whilst at the same time challenging your core abdominal muscles to work to overcome the unstable movement of the ball.
· It Burns Calories
Just by sitting on a stability ball you are challenging your core stabilizing muscles to remain upright, which burns calories. Moving on the ball works your core body muscles, your abdominal and back muscles and burns even more calories helping you to achieve a leaner more toned body over time.
· It’s Suitable For All Ages, Sizes And Fitness Levels
Meggaball® is an inclusive workout suitable for anyone and everyone regardless of shape, size, or ability. It’s more comfortable than working on the floor as sitting on a ball takes the pressure off the joints.
· It challenges you physically and mentally
Working out on a Swiss ball is a great leveller. It’s challenging for everyone to focus and stay upright. In a dynamic class you must move with the ball so there isn’t time to feel self-conscious or worry about your abilities.

About Winston Squire

I’ve worked in the fitness industry for over 20 years training private clients, teaching students, as a performance coach for club and national sports teams and as a fitness presenter. I’ve always been passionate about helping people to achieve their fitness goals and believe the key to getting in shape is to train the whole body, physical and mental.

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