Asperger’s Question Time

Asperger’s Question Time is a neurodivergent brain exercise where Vijay Patel takes on a facilitation role to answer questions about his experience of Asperger’s syndrome.

Adapted from his show, Sometimes I Leave, this online version examines handling the barriers of social communication, the notion of ‘leaving’ as an access requirement and what might happen if he were to simply walk away from leading this exercise. Vijay has often left social situations because they become too uncomfortable. He has left situations for a respite, a way to calm his brain quietly on his own. This is a complex situation of battling the exhaustion of social interactions while having to hold space to answer questions to understand him better.

With thanks to Fk Alexander, Bryony Harris, Roxanne Carney, Katayoun Jalili, Sarah Moore and Teddy Lamb for participating.

About the Artist

Vijay Patel (He/him) is a performance artist based in London. His art forms  are interdisciplinary, ranging from live art, performance art and cabaret. The work he makes predominantly surrounds cultural identity, making autobiographical/political statements around  being a queer, British/Indian, working class, person living with Asperger’s syndrome. Vijay centres his lived experiences/identity throughout his practice to advocate/uplift/raise awareness of marginalised communities.

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