Victoria Muldoon


During the lockdown, in the absence of live entertainment, the Swans in the canal became a focal point for residents of Wapping. Victoria’s mum loves dance and has performed with Green Candle dance company in Tower Hamlets and other older people’s dance clubs. After self-isolating because of Covid symptoms, she exercised to online dance videos including Swan Lake from Saddlers Wells. The swans, birds and local wildlife were expanding as local people’s world was confined and shrinking. Victoria’s work explores the connections between dance, music and nature to offer healing, hope and humor.

Jean Muldoon (Victoria’s mother) saw an extract from a ballet with her primary school and thought it was magical. During her retirement she took up ballroom dancing and joined green candle dance company.

The music from Swaniful, is from New Adventure’s production of Swan Lake. The dance workshop is from Sadler’s Wells company of elder’s dance workshops on youtube.

About Victoria

Victoria Muldoon wrote The Joke’s On You; a comedy short about a couple who prank each other based on her parent’s relationship. She wrote and directed My Neighbour Barbecued My Fence; a screwball comedy about career advice. She had the idea from a friend who said porn star when asked to widen her job search criteria and a resident whose fence was barbecued. She also played Alice in the comedy feature film, Plastic Boy.

Premiere: Friday 27 November at 2pm

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