Tom Stallard paintings

Tom Stallard Paintings

8 February – 6 March 2023

Come to meet the artist on the 24 February 7pm-9pm

Open every day 9am – 3pm
Saturday & Sunday 9am – 3pm

Tom is a painter based in Walthamstow. He paints at home, working in oils from photographs.

He has been drawn to trees his whole life. His father was a tree surgeon and gardener and Tom also followed down this horticultural path before being drawn to art, studying at Hertfordshire University and Cumbria College of Art and Design.
These recent tree paintings come at a time of resurgence in interest in the environment and the climate crisis locally and globally. Initially Tom’s work was spurred by a local campaign to save Lime Tree Walk in Walthamstow town centre in 2017.

There is now a huge amount of science and literature showing the links between trees and human wellbeing. Trees are an emotive and provocative subject as we career into the future.

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