Stories We Tell by Pierre Bureau

Photography exhibition by Pierre Bureau

21 May- 21 June – Open Monday to Friday 9.30am-3.30pm

About the exhibition

Stories We Tell is an online 8-week mindful photography course for local people facilitated by photographer, Pierre Bureau in collaboration with Poplar Union and supported by the Arts Council National Lottery Project Grants. This exhibition is a selection of the photographs produced by the participants who took part in the online course that ran in 2020. 44 were selected and will be displayed in the windows of Poplar Union for the general public to enjoy from 21 May-21 June, 2021.

Pierre says “Since the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve felt that each of us had become an island separated from each other by a sea of uncertainty. The aim of our free courses is to create bridges to connect us. Through photographs, texts, and conversations, the 23 participants learned new skills, connected with their community, while sharing their personal stories in a poetic way, making sense of our present times. The seven assignments were an opportunity to combine mindfulness and photography in a playful way. If mindfulness is the awareness of the present moment, within oneself and the outer world, then the camera becomes an extension of our minds, recording the furtive impressions emanating from our thoughts, emotions, and sensations in a non-judgmental way. After a long winter, a window of hope has opened allowing us to leave our screens and meet in person. This exhibition is not only a testament to these unusual times but also a joyful celebration of life.”

About Pierre

Pierre is a French-Ethiopian photographer living and working in East London. He founded Mindful Photo Lab in 2020 to improve mental health with photography. Passionate about street photography, he uses the medium to connect with people and create personal visual stories.

Future workshops at Poplar Union

We’re planning to host more mindful photography courses run by Pierre at the end of the summer. Register your interest at

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