Stories We Tell 2022

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Cafe Exhibition | runs until end of July 2022

Stories We Tell is an 8-week online-live photography workshop for local people in collaboration with Poplar Union and supported by the Arts Council National Lottery Project Grants.


This third edition of Stories We Tell is a celebration of being Together.
After two strange years, most of us are finally able to reconnect physically with our community and hug our friends and families.
But being Together is also about living in harmony with people who differ from us. Our series of photography workshops welcomed participants of all ages, from diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds, finding a common ground while celebrating our differences.
Cooperation is a crucial craft that is being forgotten. With Stories We Tell we aim to enhance our skills in living respectfully among others.

SWT Background

Stories We Tell started in March 2020 during the first lockdown. It’s a space for local people to improve their well-being, learn new photography skills and connect with their community in a playful way. Since then, we have collaborated with community centres, universities, prisons and individuals to explore themes such as sustainability, gender equality, and mental health.

Pierre Bureau

“I’m a photographer and workshop facilitator living in East London. My photographs have been published in The Guardian, the BBC, Geographical, and in 2020 was shortlisted for The Wellcome Photography Prize. As a photographer who is passionate about human resilience and compassion, I’m helping find solutions through photography workshops using this medium to explore the poetry of daily life and to challenge our fears and anxieties in a playful way.”




Charis • Richard • Zayd • Etta • Claude • Tanya • Alysa • Shakhawath • Joe • Suraiya • Mona • Sheila • Kaniz  • Suhaym • Rita • Elaine• Carol• Tamas • Mike • Maryam • Rufaydah • Chanida • Jason • Sahalka • Sangeeta • Farzana • Sabiha • Haaritha • Eileen • Izadora • Musa • Saarah • Shravan  • Jean • Salomé • Reka • Hajia



To purchase a zine, just pop to the Poplar Union office. All profits will fund future free photography workshops for our local community. (Zine £6)