Thousand Papers 千紙

Screening on Saturday 1 May | 2pm | Finborough Theatre’s YouTube 

This is the first time the Hong Kong art trio ShumGhostJohn presents a newly created community installation come durational performance of East Asian folktales and traditions in a gallery space. The work connects the community in Poplar to its history of resistance and expands its legacy to a wider context in history. The artists are inspired by the Japanese origami art of crane folding recalled from their childhood and invite the spectators to create an installation of Senbazuru that holds happiness, sadness, hopes, dreams and memories.

About ShumGhostJohn

Fluid in their artistic expression, ShumGhostJohn is a Hong Kong trio making performance works across disciplines, previously trained in language, ballet, computer science and biology. Met in 2017, they devise storytelling works that recognise Hongkonger identity, power of being a collective and the nature of interdependence. Their research topic includes use of technology in democratic society, folklore and contemporary art practices and object-oriented ontology.

The trio’s performance has been seen across Hong Kong, London, Vienna and Antwerp, in renowned venues and festivals including ImPulsTanz, The Place London and Genee. Their performance in Vault Festival at “Freedom HI” with Papergang Theatre has been awarded Show of The Week. They won a championship in Kangaroo Cup (Hong Kong) 2017 Lyrical/Contemporary. They received their MA Contemporary Dance at London Contemporary Dance School and are now based between London and Hong Kong.

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PREMIERES | Saturday 1 May | 2pm

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