Isolation Nation

A piece attempting to capture how COVID-19 and the enforced isolation has forced us to look inwards, see for the first time the isolation inside all of us. And all around us.

About the Artist

Activist, writer & speaker, Sangeeta Pillai, is the founder of the South Asian feminist network, Soul Sutras, which is all about tackling taboos within the culture.

She’s the creator of the Spotify award-winning ‘Masala Podcast’, nominated for two British Podcast awards. The show for South Asian women deals with sex, sexuality, shame, periods & other taboos. Sangeeta is also the creator of  the Masala Monologues series of writing workshops & theatre shows in the UK & the US. She has been featured in the Evening Standard, Eastern Eye, Huffington Post, BBC Asian Radio, Brown Girl Magazine and has been a writer for over 20 years.

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