Three journeys, three people. Before, during, and after lockdown. How has life changed from then to now? From the craze of panic buying to endless zoom meetings and countless reflective moments; Purple Moon Drama’s Digital Youth Board presents Rewind; a collection of three monologues following the lockdown journey of Naomi, Evangeline and Vinesh.

Ideas behind the piece

What was the process of creating the film? Did you create it at social-distance? And what was that process like?

Vinesh: “The process of creating my section of the film was very easy. It was only two of us, me (the actor) and my friend (DOP). We tried a few different ways of doing the scene before finding the perfect one. Once we got everything we needed, we shot the scene and it was great! The process was okay but the heat outside was a factor that played against us however we persevered through. For social distancing, we had a table that was used as a barrier to keep us separated. We also requested if we can use the quietest bit of the outside area to film our scene.”

Layla: “Our actor Naomi began filming whilst on holiday and within her family bubble so the process was very straight forward – I think the most exciting thing was finding new ways of filming scenes!”

What has the adjustment to digital been like?

Layla: “I think everyone on the project has adapted brilliantly to digital change, and we have used our tools wisely to create a fresh and dynamic piece of work written from the perspective of young people during lockdown, highlighting the common challenges we have all faced. Bring on the digital festival!”

Monologue 1
Writer: Layla Jalaei
Performer: Naomi Denny

Monologue 2
Writer: Aaliyah Mckay
Performer: Evangeline Dabankah

Monologue 3
Writer: Roslyn Briggs
Performer: Vinesh Veerasami

Creative Director : Jessica Mensah
Creative Support: Alexander Odeinde

About the Artist

Purple Moon Drama exist to create access for young and emerging creatives to develop their craft and get the next rung on their career ladder. The Digital Youth Board are an inspired and passionate group of young leaders.

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