Plastic Free Poplar Exhibition

Plastic Free Poplar Exhibition
Monday 18 July – September 2022

Plastic-free Poplar is a community-led project focused in reducing single use plastic in and around Chrisp Street market in Poplar, East London. We will support the local community to take action and come together to create a planet-friendly action plan and find practical solutions for the day to day, to reduce plastic waste and carbon emissions in our food systems.

Making Poplar greener.

Plastic-free Poplar is part of the Just FACT project, which stands for a Just Food and Climate Transition, supporting community-led climate action in Tower Hamlets. Partnering with local residents and community organisations, this ambitious new project coordinated by the Women’s Environmental Network will focus on reducing the environmental impacts of our carbon heavy food system.


It is said that “there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050″. Local Children created this Eco artwork to raise awareness on plastic pollution and encourage people to say no to single-use plastic.
During a series of workshops, 200 local children collected, cut and tied thousands of pieces of plastic onto large nets to represent the amount of plastic choking our ocean.

A huge thank you to:

The year 3 and year 5 classes from Manorfield primary schoolThe year 5 Class from Lansbury Lawrence primary schoolThe home school group at St Paul’s Way centre,And all the teachers, parents and local residents that contributed to this project.

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