Photography Workshops with Mindful Photo Lab

Photography Workshops with Mindful Photo Lab

We are excited to collaborate with Pierre from Mindful Photo Lab for 3 exciting photography workshops this new year!

Pierre will be running 3 different workshops on Saturdays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Each workshop lasts 8 weeks long (full term) and costs £6 in total and you’ll receive a photo zine featuring one of your photographs! The course concludes with a celebratory exhibition at Poplar Union!

The first workshop is Street Photography Workshop, Exploring London, happening every Saturday from the 3rd Feb until the 23rd March.

This street photography workshop allows you to explore London and meet wonderful people. The inaugural session will take place at Brick Lane, followed by weekly explorations of different locations.

The second workshop is Stories We Tell, Online Photography Workshop, happening every Tuesday from the 6th Feb until the 26th March.

This online workshop will be an opportunity for local people to share their personal stories while learning new skills.

Each week, you will be given a theme or task and then meet the group every week online to discuss what they’ve been working on.

The final workshop is Family Photography Workshop: Discovering the World Around Us, happening every Wednesday from the 3rd April until the 22nd May.

This family photography course takes you to various London locations each week, including Poplar Union, Victoria Park, Regents Canal, Hackney City Farm, and Lee Valley.

This inclusive art project is focused on enhancing children’s environmental consciousness through the lens of photography.

Secure your space for the full term by booking on Eventbrite here.


About Pierre from Mindful Photo Lab

I am a photographer and workshop facilitator based in East London. I founded Mindful Photo Lab in 2020 to assist my community through the integration of photography and mindfulness. As a photographer deeply passionate about human resilience and compassion, I aid in finding solutions by conducting photography workshops. These workshops use photography to playfully explore the poetics of everyday life, transforming our fears and anxieties into sources of creativity and inspiration.