Lost & Found by Julia Ellen Lancaster

Lost & Found by Julia Ellen Lancaster

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‘Lost & Found’ imagines connections between museums, libraries and lost property. The former holding objects and knowledge to be handled, physically separated from their history but through which each generation explores and uncovers an ever-growing bank of further knowledge. In a parallel world of the everyday, sites all over the world hold, sometimes indefinitely, individuals’ lost property that is rarely, if ever, returned to its owners.

‘Lost and Found’ forms part of an on-going research project into Museums of the future, where the trivial or commonplace material objects we so rapidly dismiss, form the subject of an imagined enquiry by future generations.

Lancaster’s work is pre-occupied with how we imbue material objects with meaning and significance and through them form connections with communities.

About Julia

Julia Ellen Lancaster is an artist/maker working with clay and ceramics in east London.
Alongside her own practice, she engages communities with ceramics under the umbrella of Clayworks London.

Instagram: @jlancastr

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