Julia Collar

Looking (Be Curious)

Looking (Be Curious) is a two-resource inclusive response to the commission’s theme from sensory theatre company, Collar & Cuffs Co. The song and video, inspired by contemporary artists like Dua Lipa, is a mnemonic scaffold for strategies that support children experiencing emotional overwhelm or meltdown. The accompanying pack provides sensory games and activities that take these ideas further. Children’s mental health has never been more important following Lockdown, and simple, contemporary, funky and friendly approaches can help demystify ways of supporting big feelings, including for children with complex needs.

Written and produced by neurodivergent artist and mother, Julia Collar.


Looking Out Sensory Resource Pack

Looking Story Dance Massage

About Julia

Julia Collar is a neurodivergent sensory practitioner creating theatre, sensory stories and sensory trails/tours for children in the early years and/or people with severe or profound and multiple learning disabilities (SLD/PMLD). She is also mum to 7 yr old twins, one is autistic and the other lives with chronic illness.

The majority of her work focuses on emotional development, mental health and wellbeing. Her company is Collar & Cuffs Co, which was established in 2016, and has in a short space of time received multiple awards for productions as well as for our contribution to the community. They tour nationally, visiting over 6,000 children each year in both traditional and non-traditional theatre spaces.

Her sensory ethos is about using low or no cost items as a way of modelling to families and practitioners alike, how they can integrate sensory experiences easily and affordably in order to support mental health and emotional regulation.

Her sensory trails and tours have been installed in Shakespeare’s own garden, the National Maritime Museum, MK Gallery, in various theatres and even her own village.

Premiere: Friday 27 November at 10am

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