Please Can I (a live improvisation)

As a species, we have always made sound, we have always sung and we have always improvised. This commission brought together people and vocal artists, to express all that they feel during these testing and triggering times, especially for music and the arts. There was no plan or rehearsal, just an open space and the intention to come together as they are, questioning what this year means to them and where it fits in the overall scheme of things.

Solo by Sylvia Schmidt-Silas
Featuring Briony Greenhill, Guillermo Rozenthuler, Jaka Skapin, Kate Smith, Marcia Willis
Produced by Jaka Skapin
Sound by David Holmes
Video by Pavel Radu

About the Artist

Jaka Skapin is a Slovenian artist, producer and director. Currently based in London, he bases most of his creative practice in the individual and communal use of voice and language, especially through collaborative improvisation.

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