Screening on Sunday 2 May | 12pm | Poplar Union’s YouTube 

Our environment is shaped by our history, the culture and heritage of local communities.

The Poplar Rates Rebellion, or Poplar Rates Revolt, of 1921 is a part of England’s proud spirited history of dissent.

Equity and justice came at a cost, power has never been conceded, it was taken and lives were lost.

It has always been the majority, ordinary people’s ardour, their struggle and strength that removed the intolerant, led to improvements and created resilient, vibrant places; from the impoverished slums of Poplar to the slums of North Kensington the fabric of our social history is woven with dissent.

About I-Sis

I Sis is a poet Afrikan born in Trinidad and Tobago based in West London and has an MA in Black British Writing. She describes herself as an Eclectic Afrikan Centric Poet and draws inspiration from her lived experience and activism. She is passionate about WORDplay, the elasticity of language, playing with words, language is the prize of the victor, the tool of the oppressor.

PREMIERES | Sunday 2 May | 12pm

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