Helen Sandi-Edwards Works

The Library
Wednesday 16 October –
Tuesday 19 November 2019
Open every day 9am-5pm

Helen Sandi-Edwards

Helen grew up in Bolivia and currently lives in London. She has recently completed a Fine Arts BA at the University of East London.

As a child, Helen spent her holidays in the Amazon rainforest; those memories are now part of her artistic research, combined with cultural issues we all face in modern society.

The artwork presented at Poplar Union is created in different sizes, fusing various processes and colour-layering to produce work that is ‘thought-provoking’ and blended with a deep sense of space.

Clay and bronze sculpture are another area of research Helen decided to explore. Employing ‘lost-wax casting’, a method of metal casting in which molten metal is poured into a bespoke mould that is created using a wax model, Helen shapes forms with sharp details and intense expression.