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Yoga for Immune & Respiratory Health (Through Covid-19 & Beyond) with Anu Gupta

Each one of us has been touched by Covid-19, either directly or indirectly. The effects of which are likely to be with us for a long time.

As we navigate our way out of the pandemic, recovery and resilience are going to be key. Yoga can help us with both.

In this workshop, you will learn gentle yoga asanas and pranayama (unique breathing exercises) to strengthen our lungs, help us breathe better, calm the nervous system, and boost our immune response. All of which will support our recovery and help build resilience. Ideal if you are experiencing symptoms of long Covid.

You will learn to tap into our body’s innate ability to protect, heal and restore itself.

What you can expect

* A safe space to explore your body and breath

* Understanding the mind, body, breath connection

* An immersive experience of healing yoga

* A look at this ancient wisdom through the lens of modern medicine.

What you will take away

* The confidence to practice on your own

* A tool kit to pick and choose from

* A solid foundation to build your practice

* A greater awareness of your self.

Who can join

* Everyone. Come as you are. No previous experience required.

* Some exercises will be done on the floor.

What to bring

* Wear any comfortable, loose clothing

* Bring a cushion and a blanket or two bath towels which can be folded or rolled up.

About Anu Gupta

Anu Gupta, yoga for respiratory problems, poplar union, health and wellbeing, post covid, self care

Anu is a registered yoga alliance teacher who teaches holistic yoga for healing. Her practice is rooted in the ancient tradition while embracing modern medicine.

Despite dabbling in yoga for many years, it was a health crisis that helped Anu discover the true potential of yoga to heal, transform and save lives.

Now, it is her mission to empower people to take charge of their own health and wellbeing.

She believes yoga does not have to be difficult or expensive and everyone can benefit from it, no matter where they are in their lives.

Anu grew up in India but has lived for the last twenty years in London which is now her home away from home.

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Testimonials from a Pranayama Workshop

“Becoming aware of my breathing helped me understand how shallow it was. Anu not only taught me how to breathe right but also helped me understand how breathing affected my well-being. Simple exercises, which just take a few minutes are now a new routine which I wake up to every morning. The effort is more than gratifying.”

– Reena Bhanotha, London UK

“Had the privilege to attend Anu’s pranayama workshop. Two things I loved about the workshop. One, her precise instructions which helped me do the breathing exercises correctly which is most important for any pranayama practice. And two, she explained the dynamics of breathing and the benefits of pranayama. Awareness was the game changer for me.”

– Preeti Dawane, Mumbai India

“Anu’s style of teaching is very pleasant and most importantly the explanation and the science of the methods is simplified. I have tried pranayama with the other yoga teachers too but practicing with Anu made me realise yoga is for everyone. Simply following the teacher versus understanding the concept is what I loved about the workshop.”

– Geeta Shah, New Jersery, USA

“I manage a very hectic daily schedule. The pranayama workshop helped me both physically and psychologically.”

– Manish Dalvi, Mumbai India