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The Sierra Leone Arts & Culture Festival

black history month, Young Sierra Leonean, Poplar Union, East London, things to do, Sierra Leone festival 2020
black history month, Young Sierra Leonean, Poplar Union, East London, things to do, Sierra Leone festival 2020

Beyond Borders; the Past, the Present & the future

The Young Sierra Leonean C.I.C. presents Sierra Leone Beyond Borders: The Past, Present & Future (Trade, Tide ɛn Tumara).

Join them for the opening night of #SLACfest 2020 via Zoom, for an evening celebrating Sierra Leone’s contribution to the world through the years; with keynote talks, discussions, digital media and performances by Sierra Leoneans across the world.
They’ll look back at the country’s rich contributions from the past (trade), analyse the positive movements of the present (tide), and discuss ways in which we can use what we have tide to build the future every Sierra Leonean dreams of.

This is a free event however a suggested donation to Girlz Empowered SL group in encouraged.


Ngozi Cole is a writer & communications professional passionate about the intersection of culture, gender, human rights, and digital advocacy. Her work has been featured in Culture Trip, Brittle Paper, Afreada, and Women’s Media Center. She is on the advisory board of the Young Feminist Fund, and is the editor of Poda- Poda Stories, a Sierra Leonean literary journal.

André Bright is an Architect, Choreographer and Entrepreneur living in London, and born in Sierra Leone. He has a vision to equip young people of the continent and diaspora to turn their passions into an economy He developed an idea called ‘Be/Come – the identity and cultural displacement of the African diaspora’ which can now be followed at www.becomeimmersive.co.uk

Vanessa Fisher is a London-based actress that primarily works in Musical Theatre. As well as acting, Vanessa teaches dance and drama to under 18’s and is the co-founder Stepping Up Salone, a non-profit organisation supporting female education, promoting safety and hygiene and teaching fitness and wellbeing to all ages in Freetown.

Morrison Jusu, aka Kontri Artist is an award-winning self-taught artist with a BSc in Civil Engineering. His work has been displayed at the Sierra Leone National Museum, The Balmaya Art Gallery, Toma Resort Aberdeen & the UK’s Sierra Leone Arts & Culture festival 2018 & 2019. He was recognised and honoured with the Y.E.S 2017 National Award for Excellence in Youth Arts and Culture.


Vickie Remoe is a multimedia content producer who loves a good story. She is an active citizen who uses digital media to amplify women and youth issues, national unity, good governance, and dignity in Sierra Leone. Born in Sierra Leone to a Krio-Yoruba Father, and Temne Mother, Remoe was raised in Freetown, Addis Ababa, and Maryland. She returned home in 2007 from New York City.


Ade Daramy is a journalist with over 40years experience, a broadcaster, historian and a social commentator passionate about development in Sierra Leone and the sub-region; He current works as Head of News and Current Affairs at QTV Gambia.

About Girls Empowered

Girlz Empowered’s goal is to empower less privileged women and young girls in Sierra Leone.
They advocate against FGM and all forms of Sexual & Gender Based Violence against women and girls in Sierra Leone.

Donate to Girlz Empowered

About The Young Sierra Leonean

The Young Sierra Leonean is a hub for young Sierra Leoneans and Sierra Leoneans who want to make a difference in relation to the youth. Their mission is to increase the visibility of Sierra Leone and Sierra Leoneans both at home and in the diaspora, and change the narrative through the arts.
Their vision is to create opportunities for young people back home in the arts & creative industry. They currently showcase individuals from the diaspora, who are actively working hard at improving the quality of life for young Sierra Leoneans.


black history month 2020, poplar union