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Somewhere Between

Somewhere Between is an exploration of the Black identity and fatherhood as a 3rd cultured west-African migrant in Britain.

The young Sierra Leonean presents… ‘Somewhere Between,’ the debut spoken-word theatre by Abu B. Yillah, exploring the life and times of a 3rd-cultured immigrant child who grows up to become an adult stuck between national identities, personalities & masculinity.

Born a poet in Sierra Leone and raised somewhere between Black-British and Sierra Leonean cultures, Abu grows up to become a Lover-Boy (some may argue ‘Player’) whose loose morals pit him in a constant battle with his wholesome upbringing and innate good values.

Faced with the biggest decision of his life during the pandemic, Abu must decide whether his legacy will be that of a regular old ‘Good Dad’ or… THE BEST Deadbeat Dad EVER.

Returning for ONE NIGHT ONLY after a SOLD-OUT preview as part of A Pinch of Vault festival 2024, theatre-goers and spoken-word lovers have described Somewhere Between as ‘funny’, ‘gripping’, ‘thought-provoking’, ‘poignant’ and ‘an outstanding masterpiece of a debut.’

A perfect treat for Father’s Day weekend.

About the Artist:

Abu B. Yillah is a British-Sierra Leonean writer, poet, filmmaker and curator. He has been commissioned by Safer London, Spread the Word, The Separated Child Foundation and Museum of London. He is a co-curator of the Sierra Leone Arts & Culture Festival.

The Young Sierra Leonean Community Interest Company (@Young_Salone) aims to amplify the visibility of Sierra Leonean artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and small businesses. It is home to the Sierra Leone Arts & Culture Festival, the KUSHƐ Newsletter, Kip Kompin Cinema and Krio Klas.

Sat 15 June 7pm-9pm

Age range: All ages welcome

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