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Shiatsu Massage

Taster Shiatsu treatment for health, relaxation, rejuvenation and stress release. Improve your posture, digestion, sleep and vitality. Fully clothed pressure body treatment.

Shiatsu massage has its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Japanese Anma massage, practised in olden times by blind people developing a sense to replace a missing sense and becoming expertly attuned to the sensations of Qi (energy) in their fingers and thumbs. ‘Shi’ translates as ‘thumb’ and  ‘atsu’ as pressure.   

During a treatment, pressure is applied to points (tsubo) along the meridians or energy channels to affect the course and flow of qi in order to address any imbalances or unevenness along its path. Our meridians pertain to the qualities of our organs and the elements of nature that they reflect, eg the kidney meridian is a water element meridian and governs our emotional resonance to fear, bravery, creativity and genetic make-up. It helps us sleep well at night when in balance, and it is disturbed when we don’t get enough sleep.  

Many people chose to have Shiatsu to help with all kinds of problems, from menstrual cramps to poor circulation, from lumbago or backache to headaches and toothaches, from menopause issues to weight loss programme support, from tennis elbow to frozen shoulder, and from stress to emotional problems.  

The list is endless since the individual is the focus of the treatment rather than solely the symptoms, and often after just one or two sessions, all manner of ailments have been known to clear up.  

The patient or recipient usually lies fully clothed on a comfy mat or futon on the ground, and the Shiatsu practitioner uses pressure and gravity applied to body areas in a palming technique or points along the channels or some joint manipulations stimulates the body’s innate healing potential to bring about improvements on many levels. It feels pleasurable and calming, and the depth of pressure can be modified to the required level.