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Sensory Exploration with Blossom Babies & Blossom Tots

Blossom Babies classes focus on your babies development and parents wellbeing, our classes are a place where you and your baby will have fun and grow together.

What to expect

The sessions are unique for a full year and filled with an array of sights, sounds, textures, smells and more for you and your baby to experience.

Babies are learning from the moment they are born (and before), whilst parents are busy adapting and learning about life with a new baby. At Blossom Babies we understand this process. The combination of sensory adventures, baby yoga, massage, singing, signing, and other activities have been carefully chosen with not only your babies wellbeing and development in mind, but also yours as a parent.


Just some of what you and your baby will enjoy together are:

Light shows, bubbles, balloons, parachutes, baby yoga, baby signing, music & music making, tummy time activities, movement and action, textures, baby dance, scents, and more. With the benefits of each activity clearly explained.

During our sessions, we will also look at your babies cues and learn what your baby is trying to tell you. We will also teach you some simple baby sign language that can alleviate frustration in the early months and years. Our aim is to make the classes, interactive and fun, as well as educational and informative. Once you have joined the class, you will also be invited to join your class WhatsApp/Facebook group. We hope to give parents a space to relax in and make new friends, whilst learning all about their amazing baby!

Sensory Kit

Safe, clean and most importantly FUN. Booking our sessions also gives you optional access to your very own VIB (Very Important Baby) Sensory Kit. These little bag’s of happiness are full of sensory props and give you the option to use your own set of props, or use our shared resources.
Once booked onto one of our short terms, parents, will also be offered ‘VIP’ (very important parents) early bird booking on all future classes, ensuring you never lose your space!

NEW: Blossom Tots

Blossom Tots class is for our walking toddlers. This class focusses on language development, listening and concentration skills, fine and gross motor skills (walking, balancing, pincer grip), group participation and social skills as well as incorporating music and sensory activities. To help toddlers settle in, each session starts with a familiar sequence of songs and actions, followed by our ever changing weekly theme and engaging activities.

Trials are available to book at £8.50.

Classes run term time only, every Tuesday with 4x 45min sessions per day: 10.15am, 11.25am,12.35pm & 1.45pm. There will be a break during the summer holidays.