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Saudha Bangla Music Festival

Saudha Bangla Music Festival is returning to London for the ninth year with presentations of wide spectrums of Bengali music by the best of Britain and abroad.
Curated by poet Ahmed Kaysher, the festival brings the evolution of exciting genres of Bengali music that originated from 730AD. Counted as ‘the largest and top presentations of Bengali music outside Indian subcontinent, the festival arrays diverse genres of Bengali music from ancient Charajapada, Vaishnav, Ramprasadi, Toppa to Ponchokobi and modern experimental music in different venues around the city and other cities e.g. Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester etc.

About Saudha

Saudha Society of Poetry and Indian Music is a leading platform for South Asian as well other global classical arts. Saudha is critically acclaimed for its series of experimental productions merging poetry, music and painting seamlessly so that each can complement each other. Saudha attracted a diverse source of audiences from all different heritages through its series of presentations of mingling and bridging different arts from different corners of the world as the way of interpreting each other.
Saudha’s production Frida Kahlo Through Indian classical music at the Royal Albert Hall has been highly praised by prominent ethno-musicologists, music and literature connoisseurs of the city and beyond.
Saudha’s lyrics of Love at the SouthBank Centre and at Edinburgh Fringe and Chayanaut through Sebastian Bach at the House of Commons, Taste of Twilight at ICCR, Kolkata and the Welsh Parliament were critically acclaimed by major media and musicologists.

During Covid, Saudha took the first ever initiative to connect leading musicians of the globe, writers, poets, painters and filmmakers from all across the world through virtual platforms and the sessions were hugely appreciated by the audiences from all around the globe.

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