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Platinum Sounds: Jubilee Celebrations with London House Cats Choir

house cats choir
house cats choir

Having completed the 8-week vocal course with London House Cats Choir, participants will be invited to perform live as a part of the London House Cats Choir in celebration of the Platinum Jubilee.

What to expect

Now it’s time to shine! You will sing as a part of the choir to demonstrate your improved confidence and vocal abilities that you have crafted whilst rehearsing with the London House Cats Choir. The audience will include your friends, family and loved ones who will love to see and support all that you have been achieving over the previous 8-weeks. If you have enjoyed the rehearsals and this live performance experience, you may be invited to become a full member of the London House Cats Choir.

Dendê Nation will also be gracing the stage sharing some of the Afro-Brazilian inspirations that their Sing & Play group have started to develop with their monthly sessions at Poplar Union. Find out more here.