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Pataphysical, Poplar Union, live music, east London
Pataphysical, Poplar Union, live music, east London

Pataphysical is an experimental sound and music project that explores the boundaries of listening and performance as well as the unique aspects of different acoustic spaces.

What to expect

Based in London, the project has used a variety of unconventional locations such as forests, marshes, churches, warehouses and industrial containers, as well as more conventional venues such as Café Oto & the British Museum, and festivals further afield in Mexico and Cyprus.

Combining a range of sonic materials (field recordings, synthesis and sampling) with techniques such as sound collage, psychoacoustic manipulation, visual deprivation, dubbing and droning, what results is an immersive collective listening experience moving through subtle tones and drones, ethereal soundscapes, surrealist interludes and visceral walls of sound.

About Pataphysical

Pataphysical consists of a trio of musicians who have collaborated since school: Andres Saenz De Sicilia, Matthew Linares and Camilo Tirado. The performances are usually presented in surround sound and the multi-channel diffusion is executed live.

The trio perform in the centre of the space, surrounded by the audience, who are encouraged to feel as comfortable as possible and listen rather than watch, breaking with traditional concert formalities. Original compositions are combined with improvisation using analogue synthesisers, live narrations, provocations and disembodied voices.

Pataphysical’s debut LP, Periphera, came out earlier in 2019 with the Glaswegian label,
12th Isle.


What is captured in Periphera is the… enthralling psychoacoustic experience of deep and blissful soundscape, something insular and revelatory. Wrapping melodic baths of synthesis in misted environmental recordings, the mood ranges from formless liquid (“Dream Reveal”) to undulating and abstracted dub schema (“Aun Cyc” and “Montoon”); rippling ambient tech (“Metaxy” and “Ken World”) to sublimated and devotional ethers “Protae” and “Energen.” Commend NYC

Debut full-length Periphera is a gorgeous set of fourth-world electronics, one that takes
the woozy flicker of Teebs and applies it to a set of psychedelic Balearicism and heathazed ambiences. Periphera is one to listen to with the lights low.’ Norman Records

Periphera delves the mist-strewn landscapes of imagination, conjuring from few elements a captivating work both as a dedicated listen and (fittingly) as peripheral ambient auditory decoration.’ Inverted-Audio.com

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Thu 16 April 7.30pm-10.30pm

£10 / £6 conc. / £12  OTD

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