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Old Flo – Printmaking Workshop

The workshops give an introduction to the sculpture and teach a print-making process, many of which were used by Henry Moore. Collage, collagraph printing and monoprinting are very accessible for all ages, while etching would be better suited to adults.   

Etching– Participants can scratch the texture and shape into small pieces of plastic perspex and then apply ink with sponges to create monochromatic prints.  

Collage – Participants can use a combination of recycled magazines as well as bright drawing materials to collage together vibrant expressions of ‘Old Flo’.

Collagraph Printing  – Using recycled materials, such as bubble wrap and cardboard, participants glue shapes onto a board to create a 3D plate that can be used to create a charming print.  

Monoprinting  – Participants apply ink to the surface, place a piece of paper on top and draw intuitively to a series of sound recordings around Old Flo. They repeat the process with a new colour ink, this time figuratively drawing ‘Old Flo’.


Melissa Fry, printmaker and founder of Engage Here CIC   

Engage Here CIC conducts collaborative and contemporary art workshops in residential homes, nursing homes, community settings, art spaces and day centres in Tower Hamlets.

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