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Joshua K and the Board Game Café

Joshua K is an artist and songwriter influenced by alt rock/folk genres, for fans of Elliott Smith, and Neil Young.  

Bring your own board games (we’ll provide some too!) sit back, relax and enjoy Joshua K’s live performance. We’ll end the session with a guided meditation. 


About Joshua K


Joshua K is the music and songwriting project of Josh Donaldson. Josh is influenced by alt folk, alt rock and jazz genres and writes a melange of introspective songs that vary from a fragile, melancholic quiet to a louder, grungier call to be heard. His debut 5 track EP, Christchurch, is out now. His music may be for fans of Elliott Smith, Big Thief, Andy Shauf, Aidan Knight, Adrianne Lenker, Neil Young & Phoebe Bridgers. 

Throughout Josh’s entire life he has struggled with his mental health, often suffering with depression and anxiety. With no formal musical training, Josh came to find a deep connection and therapeutic aid with playing the guitar and singing, finding he could better understand and communicate his feelings through this medium. “I didn’t share any music with anyone until I was 28, having played and written music for 10 years. I was hindered by my own lack of self-belief and fear… I still am! I was never someone who enjoyed the spotlight, and really struggle with performance anxiety still. Not a natural show-person. But over the years I’ve done a fair bit of work on myself and feel I have quite a few tools now which help me enormously with life in general and being an artist. Practices like mindfulness and other well-being practices have been vital in helping calm and heal myself as well as provide solace and grounding along the rather difficult and challenging road of a practicing artist. Its so important that we weave more wellbeing and regenerative culture into our lives so that we can really be at peace and share and spread that peace.”

Joshua K currently consists of Josh on guitar and vocals, George Purnell on drums, Charlie Hall on bass, Emily Denton on backing vocals, Olly Gale on synth & Giles Penny on lead guitar. 

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