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Jordan O – Friday Sessions

Soul Café is an intimate monthly music event running from Poplar Union. Featuring Music and Poetry from creatives around London.

Join us on Friday 8th March at Poplar Union for a night of good music, performers, spoken word and amazing company.

There is a bar/restaurant onsite for you to purchase refreshments.


Artist 1: Tumbi

Music has always been his compass, ever since that teenage moment when he discovered his dad’s dusty guitar and strummed his first hesitant chords. Blues, R&B/soul, gospel, indie, classical – these diverse genres weaved their magic, each leaving an indelible mark on him. His sound today reflects this journey, a singer-songwriter style that blends the soulful melodies of R&B, the introspective lyricism of indie, and the raw emotion of blues. It’s a sound that’s uniquely his, a testament to the music that continues to inspire him and the ever-evolving artist he strives to be.

Instagram: tumbii_


Artist 2: Ellie Maxwell

Ellie Maxwell is a Singer/Songwriter, hailing from West London. She blends heartfelt lyrics and soulful melodies to tell her own unique story through her music

Instagram: ellie__maxwell

Youtube: Ellie Maxwell

Streaming Platforms: Ellie Maxwell


Artist 3: Humus

Humus creates art of both written and visual expression. She dips her brush into the art of poetry, singing, digital art, and martial arts. Her poetry captures the nuances of life’s journey, from the joys of love to the ache of loss. With a relatable and profound writing style, she crafts verses that find a home in the hearts of her audience. One of her popular pieces, “I Like A Man,” a playful yet real exploration of love and desire, has garnered over 3M views, illustrating the universality of her themes and the power of her words.

Instagram: humchuhan