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Gits & Schiggles

Gits & Schiggles is a roamable activist band dedicated to performing esoteric music from Albert Ayler to Rabih Abou Khalil.   

Ahead of a floating performance in June as part of Refugee Week, The Gits invited you to learn some of their repertoires in this workshop and join them for a joyous protest in solidarity with refugees and asylum seekers in the UK.  

The Gits believe in the power of music as a force for Joy and also as a celebration of open borders and cross pollination. This workshop is in solidarity with asylum seekers, refugees and anyone misplaced by oppression, violence, corruption, or simply seeking a better life. We stand in direct opposition to the Government’s illegal bill criminalising those seeking safety on our shores. Gits & Schiggles play music rooted in emancipation, community and the celebration of life and collective power. We invite you to learn tunes from around the world in this family friendly workshop.


Gits & Schiggles is a new activist group led by Simon Roth dedicated to esoteric and joyous music from around the world.