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Fasting and Slowing Consumption this Ramadan: Women’s Clothes Swap and Panel

Join Ahista Stories and Muslim Women Connect for a pre-Ramadan celebration of slow fashion and living.


Please note there will be photographers on site. Please let them know if you are not comfortable being photographed during the event.


The Clothes Swap

Bring your preloved prayer and festive clothing to swap for something fresh to wear this Ramadan/Eid.


The Panel

Hear from an inspiring lineup of Muslim women activists, creatives and business owners on resisting overconsumption and waste this Ramadan and Eid ♻️


Why swap clothes?

In a world where we’re constantly told to buy new, buy more and buy fast; clothes swaps have become a remedy to this culture of overconsumption. One’s trash is another’s treasure after all – so dig out that festive clothing that’s collecting dust and find it a new home!

For this event, we encourage traditional Ramadan/Eid items, but are open to others. Please ensure that clothing is in good condition.



Zainab Mahmood is founder of Ahista Stories, a South Asian sustainable fashion community. Since 2019, she has been educating on the harmful environmental and human impacts of the fashion industry through social media and writing for award-winning publications like gal-dem and The Guardian.


Shanza Ali is co-founder Ardh, an online marketplace and founders collective for culturally diverse ethical brands. Ardh aims to empower ethnically diverse businesses and communities to access, contribute to and lead on work for sustainability and the building of a circular economy.


Noreen Niazi is co-founder of Muslim Women Connect, a not for profit supporting and advocating for Muslim women at work through mentoring, training, research. She has worked in the social impact sector for over 10 years, in her free time she leads hikes and co-runs a coffee pop up.

Sat 9 March 1pm - 4pm

£3 panel / £8 panel +3 clothes swaps
Age range: All ages

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