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Family photo workshop

Green Adventurers:
Discovering the world around us. 

This workshop is designed specifically for families who homeschool their children. We will meet weekly in various locations throughout London, including but not limited to Poplar Union, Victoria Park, and Regents Canal.

This homeschooling family photography course is an inclusive art project that aims to raise children’s environmental awareness through photography. Using your own cameras (including a smartphone camera), the project is designed to enable parents and their children to start their own artistic practice while building their confidence. Each week, we will meet in a different location in London, such as Poplar Union, Victoria Park, Hackney City Farm, and Lee Valley. The sessions will be designed to incrementally build skills and confidence for both the child and the adult while having fun.

Pierre Bureau

I’m a photographer and workshop facilitator living in East London. My photographs have been published in The Guardian, the BBC, Geographical, and in 2020 was shortlisted for The Wellcome Photography Prize. As a photographer who is passionate about human resilience and compassion, I’m helping find solutions through photography workshops using this medium to explore the poetry of daily life and to challenge our fears and anxieties.

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