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Babel Night: creatives x collaboration

Babel Night: creatives x collaboration, babel theatre, poplar union, theatre, theatre makers, social, zoom
Babel Night: creatives x collaboration, babel theatre, poplar union, theatre, theatre makers, social, zoom

A big night out (via zoom!) talking about some of the grey areas in life, society and art.

Babel: a point of confusion; the hum made by the sound of many voices
Night: the period between dusk and sunrise

What to expect

Babel Nights are an uplifting and joyous way to confront the challenges of the modern world. Babel hold these periodically throughout the year and they’re bursting with generosity, openness and a desire to unpick the sticking points.

This will be their first Babel Night online and has been called with the provocation of an end of year get together for theatre companies, artists, creatives and arts professionals, a forum discussion that feels like a party, themed on Collaboration, what do we want from next year? How do better support and celebrate each other and our communities going forward?

There will be music, general discussions, some breakout rooms, a chance to make new connections and perhaps start the new year with a new team at our back.

Ticket information

The financial effect the pandemic has had on the creative community has been devastating. This shouldn’t mean that we can’t still connect and train, so we are offering this workshop on a pay what you feel basis and all money will go towards paying the facilitators. When booking, select the amount you’re happy to pay.

This workshop will take place via Zoom. You will be emailed the Zoom log in details, along with any other information you need to know before the session, the day of the event. If you have any questions in the meantime, please email us: info@poplarunion.com.


It is refreshing to see a company that treats its audience as intelligent enough to decipher what is unfolding – nothing is spelled out nor does it need to be: we’ve all been through this and probably still are in one way or another since, like the action before us, we are mesmerised by the shackles life dangles around us. The power in the piece is how much it is still dancing around in my mind many hours on” – Review of The Fall (work in progress), Mark Davoren. Editor, North West End

Workshop participants – Sichuan Contemporary Performance Art Festival November 2019:

It was such a memorable experience for me. I felt like we made a small family in the group

I learned so much about myself and how I’m not really paying attention to my thoughts. The workshop was like a real treasure for me

Thank you for the workshop it will become an amazing memory for me. Actually my spine encountered some accident before and I hadn’t been able to really participate in more training, but your workshop showed me if I pay attention to how I’m feeling and if I’m aware then I can move forward.

The feeling of really being connected to all the people, was strong for me. Working as the group felt powerful. I could feel my performance become more open and relaxed over three days.

About Babel Theatre

Babel is a growing ensemble of international performers developing award-winning theatre in the UK that explores questions about the modern experience of living.

Provoked by Artistic Director Joseph Lynch, Babel is a place of human interconnection and collective enquiry, balancing collaborative curiosity and instinctive, physically rooted devising to create multidisciplinary, highly-visual theatre which integrates movement, text and music to communicate the grey areas in life where language alone is insufficient.

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