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Artists’ health and wellbeing: What do we know so far, and what can we do?

Join Raluca Matei to talk about the relationship between artists’ health/wellbeing, and their art-making, whatever this might be about!   

What do we know about artists’ health and wellbeing? How do artists themselves see their own health and wellbeing, and how should these be tackled? Whose responsibility is it, anyway? In this workshop, I will share some key findings from the relevant literature, my own experience as a performing artist and psychologist, and also from my conversations and interviews with performing artists. Furthermore, we will talk about your own observations and concerns as artists with regards to your health and wellbeing. What could you do in support of your own wellbeing, and that would ultimately enhance your ability to make art and the value of your art itself?  

Dr Raluca Matei is a Chartered Psychologist (CPsychol), with a focus on applied health psychology. As a consultant, Raluca works with individuals on a range of topics related to health, wellbeing, and performance. These include lifestyle and behaviour change (e.g. physical activity, eating, sleep hygiene, and stress management); stage fright/performance anxiety/public speaking; work, study, and learning routines, time management; and the exploration of one’s values and priorities in one’s personal and professional life. She supports individuals in setting realistic objectives, implementing simple behaviour changes and strategies, and maintaining these changes over time.  

Twitter: @raluca_matei1