Eliot Vernon

Heavy Date

Screening on Saturday 1 May | 12pm | Poplar Union’s YouTube 

Inspired by the words of WH Auden, this song reflects on the process of looking back into the past itself, as we collectively look back on the events of the 1921 Poplar Rates Rebellion.

About Eliot Vernon

Eliot is a musician, songwriter and producer born and based in London. He cut his teeth as a performer touring with bands in London, the Uk, European and festival circuits. Experienced as a composer and producer, working from his South London studio doing various types of recording projects and collaborations with up-and-coming artists, he keeps busy during the day listening, learning new skills into the night.

Music is a lifeblood that gives purpose, determination and commitment to experimenting with different styles in music, as well as finding connections to other types of media. Pushing the boundaries and envelope gives him and the other people he works with a platform to explore and realise creative output.

Listen to his work here.

PREMIERES | Saturday 1 May | 12pm

Poplarism!, Poplar Union, Finborough theatre, digital festival, may, Poplar Rates Rebellion 1921, Poplar, East London