Donna Rogers


The artwork is Donna’s personal response to the the theme Looking Out, Looking In, Looking Up and is reminiscent of times spent on beaches, at funfairs and represents the many colours Donna experiences as a consequence of a neurological trauma. Donna worked on her piece at Submit to Love Studios, supported by Connie and Emily (art co-ordinators).

Posca pens on canvas
594 x 841mm

About Donna

Donna makes shimmering colour-scapes that reflect the colours she sees in her head. In her everyday life these colours are intruders, affecting her vision and constantly threatening seizure. She speaks passionately about her desire to be rid of them and the never-ending search for answers that the doctors never seem to have. It seems like a contradiction that she would want to commit these visual mirages to paper, but it seems to help. They can sometimes be painful to look at, giving the viewer a small insight into Donna’s world.

Premiere: Saturday 28 November at 12pm

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