Diamond Frances Paintings

The Library Exhibitions

17 May  – 21 June 2021
Open every day 9am-5pm

An emotive and intimate series from painter, Diamond Frances, who documents her life through portraits of her family and loved ones at different stages of their lives.


Diamond Frances grew up in Austria. She moved to London and graduated with a BA (Hons) Fine Art from the Slade School in 2005 and has exhibited in Germany, Austria, United States and England. Diamond Frances is married, has three children and lives in Bow, East London where she also holds a studio. Her daughter was born with a rare chromosomal disorder.

Frances’s works are subjective and intuitive, they display their own reality and internal logic. She produces paintings with an emotional quality; photographs and family snapshots frequently serve as a skeleton from which works evolve. Meaning is unsure and the nature of her practise hovers on the edge of the communicable. Her inspiration comes from and through the process of work itself.  Different styles and media including painting, collage, drawing and assemblage are an essential feature of her work.

Instagram: @diamond.frances

Web: Diamond Frances