Destiny Agugu

Giants/ Under Construction/ Joy

In this digital piece the theme ‘Looking out, looking in and looking up’ is explored through spoken word poetry.
The gift that slowing down affords us is the gift of transformation. No real change can take place without time for reflection and the internal work. The poem ‘Under Construction’ is an interpretation of that process as it relates to the aspect of the theme ‘looking in’.

‘Giants’ is a poem ‘Looking out’ at a Covid world at a time when the killing of George Floyd impacted many of us deeply across the globe. The poem is a black British woman’s response to this and systemic racism.

At a time when many structures appear to be crumbling, the idea of ‘Joy’ might seem frivolous. The poem ‘Joy’ speaks to ‘looking up’ into a Covid free world with hope and the message -it is precisely during times like these, that we need to make joy intentional.

This piece was filmed in the Stratford Olympic Park area.

Video & editing by Louise Camrass.

About Destiny

Destiny is a black British 1st generation Nigerian female who has lived in Poplar for the last 11 years. She works full-time with the NHS but has always enjoyed being creative. She wrote a hand full of poems as a youth but it wasn’t until undergoing a creative writing course with the Open University in 2017 that her interest in poetry was ignited. She has since created a small body of work which she has performed at open mic nights.

Premiere: Friday 27 November at 3pm

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