Desire For Change (Desejo De Mudança)

This video piece demonstrates Dendê Nation’s passion, education and respect for the Samba Reggae traditions of Afro-Brazil, the very existence of which is a social action music.

The essence of these traditions comes from a desire to change, which in turn inspires the members of Dendê Nation to their own everyday struggles.
Intensified through lockdown, the group represents different perspectives on different issues, joined in a common movement of solidarity and support. Whether the need to protest without fear of retaliation, media misinformation, the way we are governed and controlled, everyday fear’s of structural oppression… there is, in Dendê Nation, a desire for change.

Through lockdown, the group has been meeting, rehearsing and learning online with their leader Emmanuel ‘Mac’ MacDonald, sharing and supporting each other. The video is a capture of the first meeting ‘in person’ to play together in 6 months.


Adam Green – Fundo i
Dan Roper – Fundo ii
Denise Christie – Dobra ii
Ioanna Marathefti – Dobra ii
Gary Lee – Dobra ii
Stella Lucien – Dobra i
Ed Mowat – Repique
Elsa Daouti – Repique
Keryl Brown – Repique
Liam Emerson – Tarol

Emmanuel McDonald – Conductor/Repique
Vídeo – Adam Green
Sound – Ed Mowat

Musical director – Emmanuel McDonald

About the Artist

Dendê Nation is a UK based Samba Reggae Bloco.

Samba Reggae is an Afro-Brazilian style of drumming, often seen out on the streets at carnival time, with costumes and dancers. A Bloco can be thought of as a group of people.

Influenced and inspired by the Bloco’s of Bahia in the North-East of Brazil, Dendê Nation’s founder, Mac, has worked tirelessly over the past 20 years studying, playing and conversing with Brazilian Masters, teachers and players of this art form to create Dendê Nation’s Samba Reggae sound. All grounded respectfully in the stirring and uplifting rhythms of Afro-Brazil.

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