Dancing with Parkinson’s Company – CID Project

Danielle Teale in partnership with Poplar Union have launched a new project, Dancing with Parkinson’s Company.

About the project

The CID Project (Collective Identity) is a collaborative dance project which provides a regular artistic engagement for people with Parkinson’s on a performative level, bringing visibility to the Parkinson’s dancer.

CID will explore the empathic connection brought about through dancing and how dancing as a collective impacts on the individual dancer and his or her identity. This project will explore this idea through choreographic workshops, group dialogue and sharing, as well as through visual documentation and art-making from visual disciplines of film, photography and fine art.

The project begins with weekly dance workshops for people with Parkinson’s, their family members or carers, and dance professionals, musicians and visual artists collectively. Dancers will experience a range of different choreographic approaches from guest artists and a chance to share their thoughts and experiences in a discussion after the workshops.

Public Sharing

On Saturday 20 July, you are invited to join us for an exhibition of newly commissioned artwork and a sharing of original music and dance created with and by people with Parkinson’s. This is an insight into our experience of dancing, collectivity, and individual expression of creativity which has been explored by people with Parkinson’s over a two-month project at Poplar Union.

When: Saturday 20 July
Where: Poplar Union (E14)
Time: 2pm-5pm
Performance of live dance: 2.30pm & 4pm
Q&A: 3.30pm

RSVP to Danielle Teale at dancing.parkinsons@gmail.com or turn up on the day.

About Danielle Teale

This project will be led by Danielle Teale, a leader in this field of practice and research, bringing a wealth of knowledge and a curiosity to drive this work forward. Teale values a democratic approach, and this project will bring dancers with Parkinson’s, choreographers, musicians and visual artists together in equal dialogue about dancing, identity and collectivity.