CID Project (Collective IDentity) 2021

The CID Project set out to share a process which has evolved through 5 years of collaboration between myself, Jaka Skapin and an inspiring group of dancers with Parkinson’s. Put simply, we meet our dancers where they are, as we are, and what evolves is an intuitive, compassionate experience using improvised music and dance to explore personal stories. The use of human voice alongside movement, creates a special, intangible connection that we hope we can share with you through this work.

The title of the exhibition has evolved from our dance process: Who we are now – reflects the personal and honest offerings that our dancers bring us each week; and then… referring to the genuine curiosity of our dancers and their request to continue evolving, pushing us to continually develop our practice.
The programme continues throughout the exhibition tour, please follow our work at

Thank you Danielle Artistic Director

For more information on the CID Project and to follow the process that has led to the exhibition opening, check out the project blog and follow the work on social media:

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The Artists

Danielle Teale

Danielle Teale has been working with people with Parkinson’s for over 12 years and in dancing together with them has evolved a strong interest in how dance can be a vehicle for deepening self-understanding, self-acceptance, and contributing to self-efficacy. Her belief is that providing dancers with Parkinson’s a direct ownership over their dance experience enables greater understanding of themselves. This enquiry is demonstrated in the co-creative practice that Teale has been evolving with dancers in four classes across London for the last 4 years, alongside artistic collaborator, musician and vocal improvisation specialist, Jaka Skapin. Their combined interest in compassionate listening through music and dance improvisation has led to an interdisciplinary approach to sharing stories and bringing unseen and unheard voices to life in their practice.

David Armes

David is a visual artist working with print, language and geography. He works primarily with letterpress printing on paper and his work has been shown across Europe and the US, including as artist-in-residence at Bodleian Library (University of Oxford, UK), Zygote Press (Cleveland, USA), Huddersfield Art Gallery (UK), Wells Book Arts Center (New York, USA) and BBC Radio Lancashire (UK).

Sara Hibbert

Sara Hibbert is a London-based visual artist working primarily with moving-image and photography. She graduated in 2015 from the Royal College of Art (MA Photography), and is a current participant of the London Creative Network artist development programme at Four Corners. Past exhibitions and commissions include: Brighton Photo Fringe, Alchemy Film and Moving-Image Festival, Chelsea & Westminster Hospital Trust, Two-Hundred Acres at the Pumphouse Gallery, Night Contact at Brighton Photo Biennial, and Altai Collective: RCA Dyson Gallery.

Jaka Skapin

Jaka Skapin is a UK based artist, singer, improviser, composer and producer, originally from Slovenia. He has worked with Danielle Teale and the Dancing with Parkinson’s programme since 2016. As collaborators, Skapin and Teale have worked as co-designers of the CID project approach and bring together a strong team of multi-disciplinary
artists. Skapin’s live work is based on collaborative
vocal improvisation, and its potential for interdisciplinary convergence with movement, image and sound. Recent partners include Tate Modern, Royal Opera House, Sound Connections, PRS for Music, Southbank Centre, Universal Music UK and Sony Music UK. Skapin has produced music that featured on BBC 6, BBC 2, JazzWise, Afropunk, KCRW, Earmilk, Clash Magazine, Jazz FM, The Selector, The Independent and BBC 1Xtra. Over the last 12 months, he has received commissions from Sound & Music, and The British Music Collection, as well as produced the world’s first fully improvised, song based, six voice album, due for release in 2021.

Emma Brown

Emma is a visual artist with a focus on printmaking and illustration. Her current work explores the delicate and meaningful relationships that people develop to make sense of their lives. Capturing the essence or memory of an experience, emotion or story is integral to Emma’s practice.

Edwina Kung

Edwina is born in Hong Kong and based in Nottingham, UK. She is an illustrator, fine artist and printmaker. Edwina’s practice consistently explores how we respond to our surroundings to create a meaningful relationship with people, memories and places. Edwina received a BFA from National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan and completed her MFA from Nottingham Trent University. She has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions across Taiwan, the UK and the USA.