Catastro/FILLE (aka Suke Driver)

Revisiting the Rates Rebellion mural in Poplar

Screening on Saturday 1 May | 11am | Finborough Theatre’s YouTube 

Suke has brought to life the Rates Rebellion Mural in Hale Street, Poplar with a 5 minute animation. The mural, painted by artist Mark Francis in the early 90’s, is very familiar to them; up until 2019, they had lived in Poplar for 8 years. They’ve always loved it and its subject matter, and they are pleased to be engaging with it in this way and, of course, helping to remember the incredible selfless acts of George Lansbury et al in eliciting the desperately needed changes for the citizens of Poplar and beyond.

The piece is dedicated to all the Fitzgerald House residents who were suddenly and unexpectedly given notice to quit in August 2020 with evictions happening in May 2021.

About Suke

A genre-fluid mix-digital media artist and sound sculptress/musician. As a resident of Tower Hamlets for around 10 years a lot of my work within this period has been inspired by my experiences and discoveries within the borough.

 PREMIERES | Saturday 1 May | 11am

Poplarism!, Poplar Union, Finborough theatre, digital festival, may, Poplar Rates Rebellion 1921, Poplar, East London