The Library Exhibitions
Opening Thursday 31 January 2019 6-9pm
Exhibition runs 1 February – 9 March 2019

Miriam Kilpatrick is a Northern Irish artist and performer currently completing an MA in Art Psychotherapy. She brings her new work Burgerman to Poplar Union.

Burgerman is a device used by the artist to channel image concern, anxiety and social inadequacy. The drawings on paper illustrate how body perception is tangled together, giving shape to the artist’s own fear tracing the possibility of an escape if not a recovery.

The discovery of embroidery led the dialogue with Burgerman on a different level; the slow pace of this craft brought Miriam to reconsider all implications related to the subjects she is investigating, questioning various elements of her own self as well as revisiting some aspects of her art practice.


“He is a sometimes playful and sometimes belligerent character who has been developed over time, used as an outlet who has developed into an ally.”

More about Miriam work

Miriam’s research is mostly focused on investigating the extreme side of the self, the loss of control and the struggle to regain it. Her experimental attitude led to a number of collaborations exploring different media and ideas.

Website: Miriam Kilpatrick