Art Placebo:
Cut Her Some Slack

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About Art Placebo

Art Placebo are a London based art collective which has been active since November 2015. They believe in learning through making and collaboration. They have extended experience in working with children and adults in different educational, community and gallery-based projects. They are always open for collaboration and dialogue with other artists, individuals and creative organisations.

Pull up a chair on Saturday or Sunday and join Art Placebo to re-think female imagery through the creation of vibrant feminist banners merging photography, artworks and text.

Be inspired by feminist artists such as Barbara Kruger and reflect on how women are seen and portrayed in contemporary society and use collage to contrast vintage scenery with activist messages.

Collaboratively analyse what it means to be a woman today, through social media, art and culture. Let’s start the conversation and cut/paste our ideas together!

Art Placebo, Poplar Union, Women in Focus Festival 2019

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