Melody of Resilience

Anandadhara Arts presents a medley of songs of Tagore, Nazrul and Pete Seeger.

The first of the three songs was composed by Bengali poet, Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam. It depicts outside calamities and urges everyone to fight together.
The second song is a Tagore song where it talks about the need of inner strength and the need for resilience even if one is alone in this fight.
The final song, by the children, is about the hope for a better future sung originally by Pete Seeger. The song will be sung in three different languages implying that we are all in it together irrespective of age, race or gender.

The piece is a combination of music, lyrics and melodies by the students of Anandadhara Arts.

Director- Dr Imtiaz Ahmed
Music Arrangement- Partha Pal
Audio Recordist- Goutam Basu
Studio Vibrations -Kolkata, India
Camera and Video editing- M A Hannan

Yashna Anupam Khan
Arvin Kunal Saha
Bornali Roy
Bidisha Roy
Tanisha Chowdhury
Arisha Chowdhury
Advika Illiyyun Azad.
Fahrin Jui Hasan
Aroni Saha
Adrita Saha
Syon Roudro Islam
Anvita Gupta
Redhima Chowdhury
Urbi Modhura
Purba Audhora
Rupanjon Banik
Mousumi Basu
Bonnie Basu

Krishna Saha
Bithi Saha
Nandita Saha
Rumy Haque
Farzana Rinku
Yasmin polin
Arthika Chowdhury
Samar Saha.
Durga Saha.
Mitali Sarker.
Sinthia Das
Tanzil Tahmid
Dr Imtiaz Ahmed
Dr Shikha Saha
Jyotirmoy Saha
Dr Snehashish Banik
Mithila Ghosh
Rukhshana Jahan Shuchi

About the Artist

Directed by Dr Imtiaz Ahmed, a well-known Oncologist in UK as well as one of the most prominent Tagore singers in the West, Anandadhara Arts have been organising weekly music classes for UK born Asian children and adults for last 15 years. Anandadhara also organises several musical events each year in venues like Barbican, Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, Rich Mix, Wimbledon Arts Space, Poplar Union and Nazrul Centre.

During the lockdown, Anandadhara has organised more than 20 online music events involving world famous musicians from the UK, India and Bangladesh. Some events have attracted over 100k viewers from all over the world. Anandadhara has also organised a unique world-class events with Baul singers from remote villages from India and Bangladesh. These first of its kind events have been a huge hit amongst music lovers all over the world.
Recently Anandadhara has opened branches in Australia and Scotland.

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