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Have you ever felt stuck or suspended in time and space?

During lockdown there has been another threat on our health and wellbeing, other than Covid 19. This is our mental health. Humans are social communal creatures by nature. Our obsession with social media shows that we yearn for collective solidarity, acceptance and knowing we are part of something bigger than ourselves, without this we feel: cornered, alone, frustrated, uneasy, angry, anxious, low self-esteem, and the list goes on.

This short film uses dance, spoken word and original music to explore this experience in all its vulnerability and urgency. All content created and performed by Akeim Toussaint Buck.

About the Artist

Toussaint To Move’s intention is to create moving, thought provoking, accessible and free spirited projects. The work challenges, enlightens and entertains audiences and participants. Audiences are not just observers; they are implicit in the experience. The work aims to reflect on reality, looking at on going socio-political issues, with a humanitarian intention.

Since graduating from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance with a first-class honours Bachelor degree in Performing Arts, Akeim has been involved in multiple cross disciplinary programmes with a wide range of artists and communities from around the world. The aesthetic of his work combines expressive skills such as dance, creative writing, film, poetry, beat-box, singing and acting, fused to create performances that tell stories capable of bridging the gaps between audiences.

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