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Popular Projects: Mental Healthcare & Wellbeing

Popular Projects, Poplar Union, East London, Community, Bengali New Year, Celebration, Arts Centre
Popular Projects, Poplar Union, East London, Community, Bengali New Year, Celebration, Arts Centre

Working in a safe and inclusive environment, with guidance from the Popular Projects facilitator, these participant led workshops allow you to pick the activity you feel would be most beneficial to your mental health and wellbeing.

What to expect

All activities will focus on new learnings, interactive games, mind exercises and creative therapies including art, writing and crafts. Relaxed discussions will also be encouraged with participants choosing the theme of each week, for example, how to combat depression/loneliness, or nutrition for depression. All activities will be facilitated by workshop leaders and experts on the chosen topic.

About Popular Projects

Popular Projects is a four-stranded series of events funded by the Big Lottery Fund with the aim of improving the social lives and mental and physical wellbeing of our local community.

Spearheaded by local artist and community practitioner, Madhumita Bose, Popular Projects features an array of community workshops and activities for all ages and backgrounds. All of the sessions are participant led; attendees democratically vote for what activity would serve them best encouraging confidence, participation and providing much needed tailor made services to the people who matter most – our community!

About Madhumita Bose

Madhumita was born in Calcutta, where she graduated in Fine Arts at the Indian College of Arts & Draughtsmanship. She specialises in site-specific and time-specific installations and sculptures (both permanent and temporary) and works in different media such as 3D installation, printing, textile, projection & lighting, sculpture (metal & terracotta) and painting.

Popular Projects, Poplar Union, big lottery funded, tower hamlets, east London, community, mental health, wellbeing