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Swadhin Bangla
Pala Gaan (Bengali Opera)

Bangladesh-Independence-Day, poplar union, saudha, palla gran
Bangladesh-Independence-Day, poplar union, saudha, palla gran

In celebration of the independence of Bangladesh, Poplar Union is proud to host Swadhin Bangla. This Pala Gaan renders a unique story-telling on the history of the emergence of Bangladesh through theatre and music, connecting myth, rituals, folk music, and the popular songs of Swadhin Bangla Betar.

What’s a Pala Gaan?

Pala Gaan is a rare, powerful form of world music and ancient form of rural theatre which transports you to the heart of Bangladesh. It will take you to a boorish yard under a Banyan tree in the rural village of Bengal, where these special story-based musicals are traditionally performed; ideally from dusk to dawn with hundreds of lanterns draped from the tree branches.


Sohel Ahmed on folk dance and acting
Amalendu Shekhar Podder on harmonium
Narayan Dey on dhol
Geetikar Dilaur Rahman Mujib on dugdugi
Amith Dey on keyboard
Sajjad Miah on vocals

Scripted and directed by T M Ahmed Kaysher