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Beartuza Theatre Co. present: Night Voices

Tommy has been admitted to Northgate Health Facility. He’s sick: sick of his job; sick of being asked how he’s doing and also genuinely sick. When a stranger called Gaz stumbles into his room, Tommy is presented with the opportunity to go on a life changing adventure. The only problem is, Gaz doesn’t seem to know where he’s going.

Join them on a journey to where the mountains grow. There’s a circus, trifle and a guru. There’s also some admin to do but no one likes admin so we’ll try and get through that as quickly as possible.

Praise for Night Voices

★★★★ “A wry and witty play.” LondonTheatre1

Captivating” Entertainment Focus

“It was fantastic. The ending was so moving. Well done and thank you to everyone involved.” A man called David

“It’s the first thing I’ve watched you in where I didn’t fall asleep.” One of the actor’s nan

“Go and see Night Voices.” Gandhi (Note: Gandhi may not have actually said this)


Cast: Vicky Buxton, Laura Chetty, Kieran Parrot, Phil Poole, Patrick McCormack.

Directed by: Nicola Wright

Script by: Phil Poole

Songs & Music by: Isobel Wolff and Phil Poole

Soundtrack Produced by: James Poole